Dylan Thomas (ft. Boe Huntress)

from by Dizraeli & DownLow (with Nathan Feddo)

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walks on Bodmin Moor, dies as a dormouse


Raggedy android
Back on the bill
Fresh born from a crack in the hill
and still striving
I wear my body like a tangerine peel
So don' t wave your flag at me chill
I'm near skyborn
Rather Rimbaud than Rambo
I'm on a ramble
Ram's skull up in my satchel
Pull up in a banger real casual
Pull on my mackintosh
last strip of asphalt
Before the black moors
Killer dog boglins
Cashrules nothing round here
this is Bodmin
So I'm done ticking boxes
Sick of jogging
Fish abundant
Here stick a rod in
Moon kotch
Activate yr shoebox brain
There's a dragon in yr boombox the tune got strange
Misplace marbles lose plots mate
There’s a dragon in yr boombox the tune got strange
It’s a unghh….

Before I saw her die
I didn’t know what it was to be alive…

A sudden rush and the mist's lifted
The eye narrows for the extra light
a festival of colour bless the sight
A garbled canister of words
and he stands among the fir trees
a panoply of urges
Kid's a nervous
Rebirth's a difficult procedure
The earth's his -
that twiddles his receivers
A grizzly creature comes along to sniff him
and passes
he's no different than thunder from a distance
truth of the world
Watching his own breath
Off of the time train
not conscious of progress
He tightens his mind to a
Silvery bullet like that of a hawk owl
He casts it into the gullet of a raggedy doormouse
And rides it into the rushes with its jittery steps
Never more than a millisecond from death
Shivering flesh capsule
Knows it is food for a predator's gut
Suddenly stock still
he presses his belly to mud
While a creature stinking of off milk
Looms like a
Ogre past him on the path
it's a human hiker
Huge clumper
Lump of deformity
Hideous hunk of bones
and enormous teeth
How can an animal of that size
stay upright
Without folding into its own axis
or capsizing
It's a miracle of willpower he thinks
Fuck that
And fades into the marsh as a mist
Never to come back

Before I saw her die
I didn’t know what it was to be alive…


from Leroy Merlin EP, released March 10, 2017
Words & production: Dizraeli
Production and cuts: DownLow
Production and bass: Nathan Feddo

Featuring Boe Huntress
Mixed by Dizraeli



all rights reserved


Dizraeli Bristol


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