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an exploration of madness and a drunkness ranted by a man I met on a cold night, who says things as ugly as the world that made him.


He has the powers of the winds in him
It’s impossible to stand still
Thoughts bustle like an ant hill
Colony the man’s ill
Buzzing like a superthrust excalibur
Live from the uterus of planet earth
Mama come and tie him down
You were right about the quiet people
Y’have ta watch em they are riot shields
Fire guards, which conceal lion hearts
Mega watts the wire charged
Stretched across a chasm that is
Too much
Somebody make him normal
His brain is overspacious
Clothes draped over a naked mortal
Naked molerat
Look - he struck a weird pose
Shaking like a leaf in autumn
Plucks his earlobes
And mutters something most unsettling
It’s hard enough
Holding our shit together knowing vastness is a part of us
Without the evidence presented to us in a human form
His eyes are two balls of hunger grabbing at a fuscia dawn
Dressed in flamboyant trousers
Tootling a flugelhorn
Dancing at the crux of all that matters
Arms cruciform
Fool up in the eunuch’s court
The man too damn alive
Too unsanitized
Tie him down

And we fall...

I’ve got visions in my head bruv
Or is it pigeons in my head
Whatever it is
There isn’t any let up
Flapping and they’re feverish
Carry me back home
I’m carrying a flagon fulla Jesus
Or is it flagon fulla sheep piss
Don’t know but I ain’t emptying my catheter in secret
Stokes Croft’s my living room
I’m married to the street
she’s a cheap bitch
But I int enamoured of these eejits
prancing through my lounge
You see their privilege
They carry it around
However ragged are their jeanses
It’s very clear
Their eyes are sitting comfortable
So why they criticise my living fuck em all
I’ll fight em if they come to call
That’s real talk
I will steel claw em
That’s provided I can still walk
I spill morphine out my ears I’m brimming over
Hot in t-shirt
Though it’s Minnesota freezing
0There’s a reason I am John the Baptist
Or is it John the Batshit
Crazy as a clod of cabbage Me
Lost to madness
Or is it majesty that causes starlight to blur
Tonight’ll be my last night on earth
I can feel it coming

And we fall...


from Leroy Merlin EP, released March 10, 2017
Words: Dizraeli
Production and cuts: DownLow
Production: Nathan Feddo

Mixed by Louis 'DownLow' Morand



all rights reserved


Dizraeli Bristol


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